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February 24th, 2008

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04:19 pm - Miss Sweatshirt
Hey Tylerites,

My name's Hilary and I lived in Tyler last year. You may have met me when I was visiting this past week. Anywho, sometime during my stay, probably the night of the 17th because I visited like 10 people, I misplaced a sweatshirt in Tyler. It's gray and says "the Delta Program" in black words made out of little people.

It's rather special to me as it bears the name of my high school and I received it as a gift from some current Delta students. So if you find it please keep it for me or give it to Cathy and/or Claire. If you wouldn't mind sending it to me I could give you my address in Toronto. Please don't put it in the free box! (and if you saw me rummaging in there it's cause I was lookin' for it)

Thanks everyone! And thanks for giving me awesome Tylerite hospitality during my visit :)


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